Paranormal 25 - 052. Tarot Cards

Title: Bad Moon Rising
Author: warhorse
Prompt: 052. Tarot Cards
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3049
Summary: Dante goes snooping through Vergil's stuff. Dante plays with tarot cards. Vergil acts like a big, immature baby. They mock Sylvia Browne!
Spoilers/Warnings: They're really crude.
A/N: Anyone who can figure out the meaning of the cards (and no, it's not traditional) gets a cookie.

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30 Somethings - Crimes: 017. Murder

Fandom: Devil May Cry
Title: Straight No Chaser
Author: Amanda/warhorse
Theme: Crimes: 017. Murder
Pairing/Character: Dante and Vergil
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Capcom still owns them. :( Naked Dante abounds in this, so be warned. I know the thought breaks my brain, and not exactly in a good way. Part two of the mini-series.
Summary: Another day, another murder, another chance for Dante to blind his brother with his nakedness. I daresay things are returning to normal. Amazingly, this is actually a bit serious.
Previous Chapters: Jigsaw

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30 Somethings - Thrillers: 02. Blood

Fandom: Devil May Cry
Title: Jigsaw
Author: Amanda/warhorse
Theme: Thrillers: 02. Blood
Pairing/Characters: Dante and Vergil
Rating: Eh. We'll go with the heavy side of PG-13 for descriptions of brutilized murder?
Disclaimer: Nope, still don't own them. This time, I'm sure it's Dante that's glad I don't. FYI: I took a serious turn with this, because I'm contemplating making it a mini-series dealing with the murder. It could pan out, it could not, but it is what it is. Stands alone, at least.
Summary: Dante is a demon hunter. Of course, Dante is also a mercenary. However, he gets a job about a 'serial killer' that's been terrorizing the city he lives in for the past month, and goes to check it out. And he thinks Vergil's connected, which obviously makes him so overjoyed in having to deal with it.

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30 Somethings - Thrillers: 017. Lipstick

Fandom: Devil May Cry
Title: Drastic Measures
Author: Amanda/warhorse
Theme: Thrillers: 017. Lipstick
Pairing/Characters: Vergil and Dante
Rating: PG-13 for language and brother-on-brother fighting.
Disclaimer: I do not own them. Something tells me Vergil's glad I don't. exorcism was nice enough to pick the prompt and hash out the idea with me. So. Blame her for the crackiness of it. Also, this is the same set of twins I'm writing for my Paranormal 25 challenge, set post that challenge. Mm, yes.
Summary: After Vergil decides to bid the (soon-to-be) shop Devil May Cry goodbye, he learns that his little brother isn't going to take abandonment lying down. Instead, he's going to retaliate. With lipstick. Guess who's allergic to it?

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paranormal25 - 021. Cemetery/Mausoleum

Title: Dia De Los Muertos
Author: Amanda/warhorse
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Prompt: 021. Cemetery/Mausoleum
Rating: PG-13 for language.
Word Count: 4569
Summary: Dante and Vergil. A cemetery. Grave robbing. And zombies. Please, like this needs a summary.
A/N: Um. I dunno. I just want to get to werewolf!Vergil, okay?

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Paranormal 25 - No prompt.

Title: Drops, Rain, And Sea
Author: warhorse
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Characters: Dante and Vergil :D
Rating: PG :o
Word Count: 1304
Spoilers/Warnings: ABSOLUTELY NONE. Try to contain your shock. Well, except language, but that totally comes standard. SO NONE.
Summary: Remember this? This is the flipside, from the older Dante and Vergil. Oh, Vergil, YOU MAKE ME SO SAD.

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FYI: My internet, without a doubt, is going to be spotty for a touch. Some jackass cut a fiber optic cable, and both Georgia and South Carolina have been without TEH INTERNETS all Monday, and it'll probably blink in and out. SO DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF I AM UNREACHABLE. ;_; It makes me sad, as teh internets is my addiction.

And I took too long typing this out the first time I tried to post it, as the internets died on me AGAIN. ;_;

30_deathfics (unofficial) - 027. Tight

Title: Untitled
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Character(s): Trish, Vergil
Type: One shot, written for my unofficial claim at 30_deathfics, table of which can be found here.
Word Count: 1482
Rating: We'll say PG-13.
Warnings/Spoilers: Uh, no spoilers or real warnings except for language, but, um. This is a version of Dante, Vergil, and Trish known as the Tabloids. Boils down to: They're post DMC2, Vergil's gone off his rocker after living in Hell, and has a split personality (one being Tabloid!Vergil, who's childlike in his craziness, the other being, well, a more mature version of Vergil), and is living with Dante and Trish at DMC. They're funny. :}
Summary: Trish is cleaning out her closet and asks Vergil what he thinks of a pair of jeans. He is painfully honest and hilarity ensues.

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paranormal25 - 081. Monster Under The Bed

Title: You Ain't The Reason
Pairings: None, really, though I suppose there are definitely hints of unrealized Vergil/Dante.
Author: warhorse
Prompt: 081. Monster Under The Bed
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3625
Spoilers/Warnings: Uh, none, really, except for language and really bad Monty Python references from Dante. Oh, and uh, exposed Dante ass. :[
Summary: Vergil finds out the monster under the bed is real, and he and Dante managed to scare it off. How sad is that?
A/N: Yeah, I blame no sleep. I apologize.

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